Activity allows you to engage and track your physical activity while you raise money for your favorite cause. Depending on your event registration, you can track your run, walk, ride or other activity leading up to and including event day.  


You can also compare your activity to other fundraisers and, if you are part of a team, you can view where their team ranks in the event. 


To start using Activity, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Connect your mobile device and give Activity authorization to retrieve your activity data 

If you have an Apple device:

  • Select Connect to Apple Health 
  • Authorize the app to collect your Activity data 
  • Important Note! If you do not allow all categories to sync on iPhone, you may receive the following message and will need to sync all health data.  To turn on all categories, select Settings from your iPhone home screen > Scroll down to the Health app > Select Data Access & Devices > Select [App Name] > Select Turn all Categories On.  

If you have an Android device: 

  • Select Connect to Google Fit
  • Authorize the app to collect your activity data 

Depending on the settings implemented by the organization you are fundraising for, you may also have the option to connect to Strava, Fitbit, or Garmin. 

If you have a Garmin device:

  • Select the Connect to Garmin on the home screen followed by CONFIRM. 

  • You will be directed to a separate login screen where you will be prompted to log in with your Garmin Credentials.

  • Toggle the Activities option to ON, so it is green, and select save 
  • Agree to connect to the application 
  • Congratulations, your Garmin app is connected. Please note, that you will need to make sure your activities are recorded in the Garmin App in order to show in your Boundless App!

If you have a FitBit device: 

  • Select the Connect To Fitbit and click confirm. This will open a separate login screen where you will be prompted to log in with your FitBit credentials. 

  • Select the Allow All checkbox and click Allow, this will open a new screen to bring you back to your Boundless App. FitBit is now connected! 

If you have a Strava account: 

  • Select the Connect to Strava and click CONFIRM. This will open a separate screen where you will be prompted to login with your Strava credentials. 
  • Select all the checkboxes to allow the App to access all your activities, and select Authorize. This will connect your Strava Account! 

Step 2: Track your activity.

  • If you already have an activity tracking device, such as an Apple Watch, Garmin, or Fitbit and the device is connected to either Apple Health or Google Fit, your historical activity data will automatically be retrieved for the period that is defined for your event. For example, if you have been walking for the past 3 weeks and your event has been configured to retrieve data from the past 2 weeks until event day, then every walk of yours from the past 2 weeks will import into Activity! If you do not have an activity tracking device, you can record your activity manually by selecting the green Start button. When you are done with your activity, you can press the red Stop button to save your workout. 

Important Note! For this feature to work accurately you must ensure that you have enabled location permissions for the app in your device settings.

  •  If you forget to track an activity with a device, you can manually add your activity by clicking the plus (+) button next to activities. 
  • If you need to change or delete an activity, you can do so by clicking the pencil or trash bin icons.

Step 3: View your activity progress from your Activity home screen

Please Note!  If you are utilizing Garmin for activity, upon completion of an activity it could take up to an hour for that data to sync to the app and reflect under My Activity.

  • In this area, you can see your personal and team progress, quickly track activity, and edit your goals. 
  • If you are a team captain, you can see all team members’ activities, the challenges they have achieved, view team stats, and your team’s progress. You can also email the entire team or reach out to individual team members with encouragement and coaching tips!

Step 4: View and share your challenge badges.  As you continue tracking your activity, you will be awarded challenge badges to recognize your achievements. These challenge badges are typically based on a streak of activity, total distance of an activity and/or percent of activity goal you have achieved. Once you have been awarded a challenge badge you can share your achievement on various social channels