From the home page, you can view:  


  • Event name and important event details 
    • Access the event information by selecting Event Details from the pill menu. To access the event page select Visit Event Website and a new browser window will open on your mobile phone and take you to the event’s home page where you can review any event details and updates.     
    • If you are registered for more than one event, you will see a down arrow icon located in the upper right-hand corner. Tapping on this will allow you switch from one event to another.

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  • The fundraising progress bar 
    • Your personal fundraising progress bar shows how you are progressing towards your fundraising goal. 
    • If you are team captain or team member, you will see a fundraising progress bar that shows your team’s progress towards your team goal. 
    • To update your personal goal, tap on the pencil icon, and enter your new fundraising goal. If you’re a team captain, you will see a pencil icon next to the team’s goal. Click on that to edit your team’s fundraising goal. Select OK to save your changes. 


  • Facebook Fundraiser Banner 
    • If your organization offers the ability to connect a Facebook Fundraiser to your personal fundraising page, you can easily create one from the mobile app. This connection allows you to fundraise directly on Facebook and see all of the money you raise on Facebook count towards your fundraising goal for this event. Simply click the Connect a Facebook Fundraiser banner and follow the prompts.
    • Once you have successfully connected to Facebook, you can easily access your Facebook Fundraiser from the mobile app by clicking the Visit Facebook Fundraiser button.


  • Badges 
    • As you reach specific fundraising and event milestones, you will receive fun badges.  For example: 
      • Your Fundraising badges are when you receive donations, make a donation towards your own fundraising goal, hit a specific dollar amount, or reach a specific percentage towards your goal.  
      • Your Event badges are when you become a team captain, edit your story, or connect and share on social.
    • Earned badges will display in color and unachieved badges will be grey. 


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  • Challenges
    • Depending on how the organization you are fundraising for configured their app, you may have the ability to track your activity and join challenges to motivate you to reach your goal. 
    •  Here you can select Visit All Challenges which will redirect you to the Activity tab where you can view all Active (challenges you are currently participating in) , Available, and Upcoming challenges.