What is Community?

Community is a feature that allows you to interact with other supporters of your organization. If this is available for your organization, you will see the Community icon toward the bottom-right corner of your screen. 

First-time users

If you are using Community for the first time, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Please accept the terms to proceed, you can also choose the other optional preferences, update your profile picture, and then the homepage will load.

Creating a Community post

To create a Community post, click on Create a Post and then fill out the required fields. Here are the field descriptions:

Subject: The subject of your post. 

Forum: This controls the visibility of your post. If you select Event, then all Community users registered for your event will see the post, if you select Team, then only members of your team will see the post, etc. 

Category: The available categories will be determined by your organization but examples would be "Fundraising tips", or "Motivations"

Interacting with Posts

You can Like a post by clicking the heart symbol or comment on a post by clicking the Reply button. Comments currently just displays the number of comments and is not responsive to clicks.

Direct Messages

To send a direct message to a fellow participant, select Direct Message, followed by Send a Direct Message, tap the Recipients field and you will see a list of participants available to receive direct messages from you. Select the recipient(s) and click Next. Compose your message, add a picture/video if needed, and then click Send Message.

Managing Your Community Settings 

There are two ways to update the preferences you set when you initially accepted the Community User Terms:


  1. Go to Account Settings by selecting the Cog Wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the app > Select Community Settings
  2. Select Community from the bottom navigation bar > Select Direct Message > Select Edit Preferences 

From here you can update, enable, or disable the following features: 

  • Update your Community Photo: upload an existing photo or take a photo. Use the editing tool to optionally add fun filters and stickers. 
  • Community Name and Image: allow others to see your full name and photo
  • Profile Page: allow people to view your profile, which includes your name, photo, and all achievement badges. 
  • Community Posts: opt into or out of receiving a notification when someone replies to your community posts
  • Community Likes: opt into or out of receiving a notification when someone likes your community posts
  • Allow Direct Messages: allow anyone from this event to direct message you within community
  • Direct Messages: opt into or out of receiving a notification when someone sends you a direct message