Boundless Motion is a way for you to track your activity. Motion is configured per event and application with Distance Unit (Miles or Steps), Participant Type (Walk or Run) and Activity Metric (Distance). 

This article serves as an introduction into Boundless Motion and it can be configured. 

Boundless Motion supports Apple Health, Google Fit and Strava. Any or all of these can be enabled.

Activity metrics across events can be tracked by steps, distance or duration. Activity tracking can track all activity or user recorded activity. This would depend on how you want your activity tracking to be used. For example, if you set your activity tracking to track duration, you would want your users to track their own activity. This would allow them to have a start and end time for their activity. Whereas if you were tracking all activity, you would set your app to track steps. 

You also have the ability to allow your users to manually enter their own activity. 

Activity tracking can track a variety of ways:

  • Event Date
  • Specific time range on event date
  • Number of days before event date
  • Number of days before AND include event date
  • Number of days before event date AND number of days after event date
  • Specific range of days

You can set up separate activity tracking for event date, and include a message at the start and/or the end of your event. 

Another feature is the ability to track activity based on participation type, and you can set default activity goals.