As you may already know, Apple released iOS 14 on September 16, 2020. iOS 14 introduces the ability to enable/disable Precise Location for certain apps so that they only receive your approximate location. 
Precise Location should already be enabled for the Runkeeper app by default, and it is important to keep Precise Location enabled for the Runkeeper app to ensure accuracy of your route, distance, and pace. We cannot promise an accurate tracking experience if Precise Location is disabled as approximate location will not provide the level of detail needed to track your activity.

We recommend double checking this setting by going to your iPhone Settings > Runkeeper > Location, and making sure that the toggle for Precise Location is switched on. Once switched on, it should remain on unless you actively switch it off.

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The Runkeeper team is working on adding messaging to the Runkeeper app to inform you if this setting is ever disabled, but in the meantime we recommend verifying this setting manually after you upgrade to iOS 14.