There are three ways to install the mobile app.

  • Visit your Participation Center, or Headquarters for the organization you are fundraising for on your mobile phone and locate the Google Play Icon or the iTunes App Store icon.  Click on the icon which corresponds to the device you are using to be taken to the app on the store.  Once you are in Google Play or the Apple Store click on the download icon to download the app.
  • Locate your Registration email from your organization you are fundraising for and click on the iTunes Google Play icons to be taken to the app on your mobile device.  Once in the store, download the build and start fundraising today!
  • Go to Google Play or iTunes on your mobile device and search for the name of the app name of your organization.  Click on the download icon and start fundraising today!  The app is supported by Google Play and iTunes.

To sign into the app, simply use the same login credentials you use to access your participation center or Headquarters.