To opt into scheduled messages on your mobile phone or tablet, go to the “Send Messages” icon on the navigation bar.  Then select the “Schedule” tab on the top of the page. 

  • You will need to then select a Social Channel (Twitter or LinkedIn) you would like to schedule the posting on.  If a user has not authenticated through Twitter or LinkedIn, they will see an authentication login page before continuing to the next step.
  • Click on the circle next to “Select All” to opt into all the messages or individually select the messages you would like to opt into by clicking on the circle next to each message.  Once the circle is filled in with a color, the message has been selected.
  • Click on Save to save any changes to this page.

The messages selected will then be scheduled to go out depending on the user’s event date and the messages selected. 

*Please note, due to Facebook’s recent policy changes we are not able to automatically post scheduled messages on behalf of users to Facebook accounts.