Depending on the settings implemented by the organization you are fundraising for, you may see a tab labeled Schedule Messages. In this area, you can set up messages to post to LinkedIn and/or Twitter automatically.  


Please note that Facebook has been removed from scheduling due to Facebook Privacy policy. At this  

time, only Twitter, and LinkedIn exist as options. 


Step 1: Choose which social channels you would like to schedule automatic postings for. Just tap on the icon to enable that channel.  

                                                                Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

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Helpful Tip!  If you have not authenticated yet, you may be asked to complete this step. Just follow the prompts on the screen.  Once it is enabled, it will be highlighted in a color to let you know it is available for scheduled messages. 

Step 2: Select the message or messages that you would like to send automatically. To select all messages, just tap on the checkbox next to Select All Messages 


 Step 3: Click on the Save button.  


Important Information! To unschedule individual messages, click on the radio button next to each message you want to disable and then click Save. To unschedule all messages, just tap on the radio button next to Select All, deselect the social channel and click Save.  

If the message contents do not populate, please submit a support ticket